Ian and Jenn Stephens are missionaries working with C.H.I.P.S, Children HIV Intervention Programme in Swaziland, to help the orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic in Swaziland, Africa. Their home base is in Vuvulane and they travel around to various communities testing for HIV, assessing medical needs and treatment options, teaching job skills, providing workshops, and occasionally conducting Crossroads training (character building/positive living/HIV & abstinence). Ian and Jenn's main desire is to share the love of Jesus for each of these precious children while working towards fulfilling the vision of a HIV free Swaziland.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fanzile needs a new home

(Fanzile is in the second row on the left in  yellow shirt)

Fanzile, happens to be one of our favorite kiddos. We have mentioned him quite a few times here on the blog (you can catch up here). Over the last couple of months since Fanzile's Gogo passed away, Fanzile has been living with his uncle. There has been several times where the aunt has beat Fanzile and not given him food. Fanzile would disappear after school as to not to be at home. It came to the point where we knew we needed to do something about the situation. At first we talked to Fanzile’s teacher, but she did not have any real answers except suggesting he start from grade 1 again.

Fanzile said he was always hungry and only got fed at school. He also said that his aunt would beat him at home. We know that there has been food in the house because we have been giving a monthly supply of food.

The uncle, who is Fanzile's only living blood relative, said that Fanzile lived like a vagabond and was never sure where Fanzile was. The uncle did not really want to take Fanzile and asked us to find a compassionate person to take Fanzile. As we left the uncle's house, a neighbor told us that she thought Fanzile needed refuge.

We had several meetings with Principal Aero and the social welfare department before relocating Fanzile to a temporary home with caring Christian woman. We will be looking for a permanent home for Fanzile, either in a Christian orphanage or if a caring family wanted to take him. The problem we run into is Fanzile's age. He is 10 years old, long past the time most orphanages are willing to take children.

While Fanzile is staying in this temporary home, he has been going to New Hope Children's Ministry.

New Hope Children’s Ministry is Christian home for orphaned and vulnerable children. Part of their curriculum takes the students to visit schools to evangelize the good news of Jesus.

  The students do this through drama, memory verses and songs. Shortly after we placed Fanzile in his temporary safe home. The children of New Hope came to do a performance at the Vuvulane Primary School. The kids all did a great job in their teaching and we were blessed to be invited to the performance. 
The students at Vuvulane school all enjoyed the performance as well. 

It was great to see Fanzile (Second row in the yellow shirt with the shaved head) and how well he was doing with regular meals and living in a safe place. Fanzile had lots of smiles and jokes again just like the Fanzile we fell in love with several years ago. We are thankful that at the moment Fanzile is no longer in an abusive situation.  However, w are still in the process of looking for a permanent home for Fanzile, would you pray with us about that? 

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